Electrical Provisions

Specifications of System and Electricity:

·         The primary source of electricity is a transformer able to 1000 KVA plugged into a special outlet and direct to the center of the central generation of Electricity Company which gives the stability of the mainstream and a minimum of interruption of electricity.

·         There is a Generator (Perkins) English-made, can with a 1000 KVA to switch to the panel to operate automatically, in addition to a maintenance technicians over the 24/7 to monitor the work on a permanent basis.

·         There is a unit to prevent interruption of electric central UPS can 500 KVA from a German company, to  prevent power outages at all during the switch between the power supplies of generated and transferred to the contrary, it works for half an hour, and connected to all outlets throughout the site.

·         There is also a unit to prevent interruption of electric UPS Built in keeping within the device samples as an additional precaution.

·         Note that the device is in the process of cooling depends on the liquid nitrogen, which can save temperatures up to 15 days at the very least, even if all resources were cut off, God forbid.