Clients Advantages

What MSCB provides?

  • The sample Cannot expose to damage or loss due to our presence in the same country, it takes a short time to reach the laboratory conservation in MSCB Bank, the time for the arrival of the sample is very important for cell count and this is what sets us apart as well as the speed of isolation system and our health conditions for the transfer of the sample.
  • All the equipment and procedures we have are in line with WHO guidelines and the Syrian Ministry of Health.
  • We offer a detailed contract contains all the procedures.
  • Keep all the family information confidential.
  • Our prices are competitive and include the initial tests for mother and the price of the Kit.
  • The possibility of payment in installments.
  • Tests for the mother before and after keeping the sample to ensure the safety of her health.
  • service in case of emergency is immediate.
  • Our team is 24 / 7 in Service.
  • Our equipment is distinctive and the most advanced.
  • We have no problem in case of power outages because the energy supply the storage sample device automatically and immediately to ensure the lack of any damage

Preparing for the big day
The process of collecting umbilical cord is safe and painless for the mother and the fetus andit takes 10 minutes.    
After being informed and having decided to store your child's stem cells in our facilities, you can initiate the procedure with the supply of our package (MSCB KIT).
In the KIT you will find:

  • A leaflet with instructions on how to collect umbilical cord blood.
  • A sterile 250 ml sampling bag with an incorporated needle and anticoagulant solution of specific content and concentration.
  • Wipes moist with ethanol for disinfection of umbilical cord, prior to sample collection.
  • A bag for the safe storage of the sample.
  • A vial for peripheral blood sampling from the mother ( to perform all necessary tests).
  • An isothermal bag for cord tissue collection.

After collecting the sample, it will be stored and on the same day the sample will be sent to the bank with all the documents.

Results of tests conducted on sample:
In a time period of approximately 10 days from the date of collection and after having completed the process, the company will inform you the following:

  • Volume of umbilical cord blood initially received.
  • Number of stem cells isolated.
  • The quality control results of the sample.