Dr. Adnan Word

On behalf of the staff and members of Maatouk Pharma Group, it gives me great pleasure to announce the establishment of the Maatouk Stem Cell Bank (MSCB) in Damascus, Syria.

MSCB is the first private bank of its kind in Syria which is specialized in the isolation and cryopreservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord. The bank is unique in that the latest cryopreservation and cell separation techniques and equipment available in the UK and the US are applied at the facility. It also boasts a highly qualified scientific staff and well trained lab technicians to deal with your samples.
The main objective from establishing MSCB is to provide Arab nationals in general and the Syrian public in particular with an option for local preservation of their sibling's stem cells in case the need arises for their future use to treat them from certain diseases.
As you are all aware the use of umbilical cord stem cells is a viable course of treatment for blood and nervous system diseases in addition to many other diseases. A quick look at the number of cases treated with stem cells in 2010 shows that it is 5 fold the No of cases treated in 2009 which is a clear indicator of how wide spread this mode of treatment is rapidly becoming.
It is for this reason that the Maatouk Pharma Group (the owner of the UNIPHARMA--trade mark you have grown to trust since 1990) comes to you now with this unique opportunity of a local stem cell bank which is the corner stone for a future stem cell research and treatment center.
MSCB and in its continuous efforts to apply the latest research and treatment protocols at its facilities in Damascus, has sent delegates to the UK and the US to get acquainted with the latest scientific information.To this end we invite you to access the United Kingdom's National Stem Cell Network on www.uknscn.org  to view the latest data available on stem cell research and treatment which was presented at their 3rd annual conference held at the university of Nottingham, England in June 2010 in which  MSCB was an active participant.
Finally, it is for all these reasons combined that we invite you to work together with us hand in hand on cryopreserving your children's/patientsstem cells at our facilities.

Best Regards,

Dr.Adnan Maatouk, CEO